Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ramadan Kareem

Everyone. Missed you all.  I hopped on here real quick to share some beauties with you cuties.

I have a special place in my heart for Wet 'n' Wild products. They are cheap but are comparable to any high end products. Wet 'n' Wild is well known for their exceptionally great eye shadows, nail polishes, eyeliners and face powders. Personally I gravitate towards their eye shadows, nail polishes and blushes. These are the beauty products I have tried and tested for many years and Wet 'n' Wild just keep on living up to their hype. I was visiting the American soils this past weekend and freaked out. Yes I screamed in Walgreens when I laid eyes on the new Wet 'n' Wild 2013 Fergie collection. Before I share pictures of these cuties, tell me why Canada does not keep up with beauty updates??. Come on. Wet 'n' Wild has come out with a number of beautiful collections and Canadian shelves are still displaying products which came out in 2009. It’s very frustrating. Ok enough rambling. So here is the reason why I completely jumped and scared everyone including my sweety and kids.

Absolutely LOVE Fergie's look here. Smokey eyes, not racoony but sultry eyes and just the perfect nudy lips!

Above displayed are the Wet 'n' Wild shimmer palettes. I have so many MAC MSFs ( minerelized skin finishes) so I totally skipped these, but if you are a newbie and want to play with highlighters these are AHHMAZING !

O!M!G! OMG LOVE LOVE n more LOVE and please you guys get some lovin too ;)

Shown above left - right is a primer, eye shadow pallete, lip gloss and a polish. I skipped these too ! 

Beautiful but I skipped these as well !

Got one of these pallets, could not pass this baby. Look at it. It is perfection !

Got this one too. Guys this is my FAVOURITE from the entire Fergie collection. It is my favourite because look at it, right smack in the center YES my love MATTE CHOCOLATE DARK BROWN ! perfect smokey look right there for ME !!

OH YEAAA !!! Added this baby to my stash. I LOVE it. It is so pretty. Perfect neon lime green ever. Reminds me of a water park and me splashing in it LOL !!
 You guys notice the !!!!!!. Well I am making serious points here people!. Ok next products are for people who read my blog and still DO NOT go out there and do as I rant, ramble, nag, say again and again.
Looking for a mascara? Are you looking for a mascara. Why the hec won't you try this:

I have found that the waterproof formulas in this mascara SUCK . I personally do not like waterproof mascaras, but definately LOVE the blackest black non waterproof formula

For a long time now I have found myself using MAC Summer Haze eye shadow for highlighting my brow bone and inner eye corners. I am sure you can find a gazillion eye shadows this color but loviez there is something so magical, beautiful, and perfect about Summer Haze. It’s a mineralized eye shadow so the product just melts on your skin to create this beautiful soft highlight. I use the lighter veining for highlighting. This eye shadow is my favourite too because its reminds me of a mini MAC MSF. It is perfect multipurpose product for travelling. Now the sad news. IT NO LONGER CAN BE FOUND IN MAC STORES.

MAC Summer Haze mineral eyeshadow
 I have tanned a lot this summer. Loving my tan and am enjoying using frosty blushes and one orangy corally blush in particular. The blushes are shown below:

MAC Marine Life blush / beauty powder
MAC Marine life is a lovely coral beauty powder which I use as a blush. It just gives my tanned skin a perfect vacation glow. Coral blushes look very pretty on all skin tones but I find they look extra pretty on tanned complexions. Unfortunately this product is not available in stores anymore.

MAC Back To The Bronze blush (frost)
 MAC Back to the bronze blush is a bronzer blush with frost. It just dives into  my tan to create this beautiful glow and  sheen. I love the look it gives my cheeks. This product is no longer found in MAC stores.

MAC Cheek and Cheerful mineralized blush
MAC Cheek and cheerful blush also gives a very soft glow to the skin. It does have subtle color on my skin. I am loving this blush a lot. It is also no longer available in stores.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have stopped purchasing makeup products quite a bit. I am fishing from my stash and love shopping my vanity and discovering little pleasures and treasures. It is because of this reason you will notice a lot of products I blog about are discontinued or no longer available in stores as they were from old MAC collections. You all can probably tell by now, I have always had a special place in my heart for MAC cosmetics.

Lastly I want to mention a lippy. With my tan, bronzy cheeks, cat eyeliner and mascara, subtle high lights, no foundation just concealor look, a pale pink moist pout just looks very pretty. I love MAC Lady Gaga lipstick. It’s a lustre finish so I do not need to fuss with a lip gloss. It looks very scary and pink in the tube especially next to a tan, however I wear it to work and it is very cute and subtle in my opinion. I do not look clownish at all.
I am obsessed with Latin beauty and it just balances my bronzy look which I try to create fabulously. Here is a picture of the lipstick if you have not still seen it.
MAC Lady Gaga lipstick (lustre finish)
OK I lied. Three more mentions.

The best cleanser out there. I simply use this and water and it will remove everything and anything on your face especially if you are like me absolutely lazy !

L'oreal Waterproof makeup remover
L'oreal water proof makeup remover is a must have now in my stash. It is a complete dupe for Lancome makeup remover but with a great price point.  

Focus on the HOT PINK cutest razor.

This hot pink cuty is from $ama. No kidding. For a dollar you get 4 razors. I love how this performs and looks. It is the perfect little accessory addition to my shower.

Loviez in the end I wish everyone a great, fun, safe, summer vacation with your loved ones. Smile and let others smile. Live and let others live. What goes around will come around. Karma is a bitc#@# and it will hunt you, find you and bite you.

I shall return with more Jazzy raves and for now take care hugzzzz


Friday, May 31, 2013


I get great pleasure from playing with my makeup while getting ready for work. Beauty, makeup and fashion are a passion and to some extent I will confide an obsession. Feelings of being so fixated on beauty everything made me contemplate and ponder that yes I am crazy about these pretty things and I adore them so much
BUT DO I NEED them?.
Answer is HELLO NO !
I do not DEPEND on them. It’s a WANT and not my NEED.
So to prove myself that I do not need makeup to survive and step outside my home and face the world  and,  to confirm my confidence as a woman who is extremely and completely  comfortable in her own skin, I have declared Fridays for myself, as
NO MAKEUP FRIDAY starting today.
I have no makeup on. Not a speck of anything. I am all natural. It feels very normal because if you catch me off guard I rock my bare face, I will rock it all raw, sweaty and weird in the gym, in my house, to fam jams you get the point.
So I have observed today  my colleagues are normal with me. They are staring and wondering but when they see nothing is wrong and I am my usual chirpy self, they do not focus on my plain face. I am taking advantage of being a plain Jane today and trimmed  my extremely blaaaaaaah face with chandelier earings in one of my favourite colors turquoise and gold.
I have proven to myself that makeup is not my essential perquisite for me to live my life, it’s a hobby. It makes me very happy. Listen I can go to a wedding rocking my bare face if I wanted too, but you know color on my face makes me HAPPY and I will do what makes my heart smile.
This NO-MAKE UP FRIDAY is also to show my daughter that mommy does not NEED and she does not HAVE to put on makeup but she just really loves it and the most important message is that you need to LOVE YOURSELF. EMBRACE YOU because YOU are unique and YOU are beautiful. When you feel beautiful the world will see you as the most beautiful creation. (hehe girls I do feel pretty hideous today hehe). No but you get my point.
Makeup makes a woman look presentable and polished. I totally stand by my statement; however, I feel it’s a problem when you think you will die and  cannot even  get out of your home without foundation, lipstick or mascara.
We are all beautiful. Let us all embrace our prettiness and flaunt it proudly.
It feels so liberating. My pimples are breathing. Under eye circles are dark as ever. All natural and LOVING it and proudly ROCKING the birth face but just take away the freshness and add many years to it. Oh and I also have lots of freckles which are all dancing and saying hello to the world. My nails are with no polish too.
With this I will bid you all a great, safe, fun and a happy weekend.
Love n hugs
 P.S Lovies, this is for me. In no way am I urging you all to go rock naked faces :). DO YOUR THING.  Thanks for visiting. Leave me notes I love to read them and reply to them. Who doesn't.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Product Raves

Hello loviez,

Sorry I have been M.I.A. I sincerely apologize. So I popped in quickly to talk about a few products I have loved lately. Let's jump right in to it.

I have mentioned my love affair with nude lips, so here is another lippy I have loved so much. Be aware this lipstick does have an annoying smell, but I have trained my head to ignore the ever so hideous lingering odour. I am exaggerating it is not that bad.  I am talking about L’Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Fairest Nude - 800. Amazing color especially when you are nice and tan. It’s very moisturizing and the color is the perfect nude for me and the best thing I don’t even need a lip pencil to make it work. It’s beautiful on its own. Here is a quick picture:

My next mention is a bronzer, blush and highlight trio. I am sorry it is a limited beauty item from MAC. I am still going to talk about it regardless as it is truly amazing and if ever MAC releases it you all should get it. Here is a picture.

MAC MSF - Golden Lariat
This is a highly pigmented mineralized skin finish (MSF). I swirl my blush brush more on the bronzer and then lightly dab the blush and apply it on the apples of my cheeks. It gives such a beautiful glowy bronzy effect. LOVE. Then I use the goldy highlight on my eyebrow and inner eye corners for a quick subtle highlight. This has been my blusher since two months now.

Weather has changed. I have talked about concealor loves. As you all know for work I do like to add a concealor or a paint pot on my lids for an even color.  My love drifted from the Maybelline concealor which I used both as a concealor and eye lid primer  to MAC studio fix which I used only as a concealor and then using MAC painterly on my lids as a primer. Loviez my new latest crush is the MAC pro long wear concealor. OMG it blows my mind every time I use it. Please go get it today. Here is a picture:

This stuff stays ON. I do apply a powder on top to help it stay longer and not melt away. This one does not settle into fine lines. I am in LOVE. True blue baby I love you lala.

Promise three more products. Now my last three products are cleansers.

First cleansing beauty product is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst in orange. Yes in orange or hhooooorange as my son would say it LOL. I use it in my shower. This one is great with Clarisonic too if you use it. Love.

Next is my favourite. Totally in LOVE.

This is the best face cleanser, makeup remover just perfection in a bottle. Yes it is pricey; however, it will last.

The last product is an eye makeup remover. Now we all need to or should be taking off makeup before retiring into our beds. I LOVE LOVE the Lancôme eye makeup remover however this love comes with a price and I am not willing to pay that price. Then I switched to Boujoir eye makeup remover and trust me I hated the packaging. NASTY. So then after a lot of hunting I have found the perfect eye makeup remover. Its potent, it’s loyal and best of all, it’s CHEAP, and here it is:

Drum rolllllllll :

I lied. One more special mention. Maybelline rocket mascara. I have raved about it so much. You all should try it out. I personally cannot stand waterproof mascaras but just because its summer maybe I will try the waterproof rocket too. For my new readers and for my forgetful readers here is a picture how my beloved rocket looks like:

I hope you all have a great week and weekend. You all are always in my thoughts. Leave me lil whispers and I will whisper right back at ya.
Love n hugz

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nudey Raves

Creams, lattes, mocha, softness all comes to mind when I look at MAC Creme d’Nude Lipstick.

Look at it, stare at it. How can you resist it. Ok I know what y'all are thinking. Girl it looks like a concealer. I will look like a zombie. No stop. Look at the tube again. Its so sweet looking. We just need to have it, not only own it but ROCK it. Yes. Ok so I am obsessed with  this nudy pleasure.
MAC Creme d’Nude Lipstick is a creamy, opaque pink-toned fleshy nude. It is vanilla-scented just like all of MAC lipsticks and wears for a few hours before fading. It has a pretty sheen to it. 
It is the perfect nude which takes the color of the lip pencil you are using. For example if you will use red then this lipstick will give you beautiful baby pink lips, with a deep purple lip pencil you will get lavender pastel lips.
In my make up bag Creme d’Nude comes with its entourage. I have been obsessed with MAC Chestnut lip pencil and Lise Watier Ginger lip pencil. 

MAC - Chestnut Lip Pencil

Lise Watier - Ginger Lip Pencil

OH MY LORD these lip pencils together with the MAC Creme d’Nude will give you the sexiest pout ever.
So take any lip pencil and  draw the outline of your lips and what I like to do is I do not  draw the cubids bow, and this gives me a poutier mouth. Look at the picture below.

TIP: Do not draw out the cubids bow and this will  give the illusion of bigger poutier lips. Pair your lipstick with lip gloss and Jolie will have competition. People will stop and ask you if you had lip filled in :).

 Fill in the lip pencil lightly. Next apply MAC Creme d’Nude  smack your lips together and you are done. I personally do not use a lip gloss over but you can totally apply lip gloss.

TIP: If you find a lippy is too nude then by adding a gloss over can make it look more wearable. My favourite is to apply a darker lip gloss over a very nudy lip. Try it.

Today I am wearing Lise Watier Ginger lip pencil which is a  water proof pencil and is truly the most beautiful nude color especially for woman of color. You can find this lip pencil in Shoppers drug mart a pharmacy here in Canada.  It is pink brown in color and is very versatile which goes well with all lipsticks. For me it is a must have. MAC Creme d’Nude on top of ginger gives a fleshy, pink browny nudy lip color. It just looks very polished even for an every day casual lip. I am really enjoying this lip combination.
I have also tried MAC Creme d’Nude over MAC Chestnut lip pencil. The result is latte cream mocha nudy colored lips again which just provides such a polished look. MAC Chestnut is again a must have however on its own I find it is too dark for me at least. I always pair it with my nude lipsticks.

So that's it for now. Too much of nudness has made me craving coffee so I will run to grab me some.
Let me know if you have tried any beauty products mentioned above.

Love n hugz

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beauty Raves

I have been MIA and sincerely apologize for not keeping in touch with you all. Work and home have been keeping me extremely busy. Je suis très très désolé que mes amours !
Come on let us discuss beauty :).

MAC recently added Mehr to its permanent lipstick line. I had originally missed out on this beauty when it first was released with the Mickey Contractor collection. If you missed out on this lipstick you can now grab it any time. Mickey Contractor is a very popular makeup artist in India and so girlies he knows all about the browny beauty. MAC Mehr is perfection for woman of color. Even my lighter sweeties can rock this pink.
Its matte and a muted neutral pink. I love it for everyday. It is perfect for summer because it is not glossy and shiny very subtle pink on olive tan skin tones. Check it out. I grabbed this picture from Temptalia.

This lipstick is beautiful. It is nothing like the pinks MAC usually sells. Blue pink but very muted and subtle. Perfect for everyday and on the go. You will not even need to worry about a lip pencil with this one.

Summer time? Hot blazing sun? Beautiful tan skin? Fun? Pop of color? OK then please go paint your  nails I do not care  which nails toes or fingers just go and paint  with this delicious charming sweet polish :

China Glaze Bahamian Escape !

China Glaze Bahamian Escape

Its the palest  blue and it  applies like a dream . It is very opaque. This color just takes me to Paris where I imagine fulling my face with pale blue french macarons. You can find this shade in Salleys Beauty Supply.

Lastly its summer so protect your self. Wear minimum makeup. Do have fun with color pops. You can add a color pop in your wardrobe, cute lippy or nails and always remember to smile.

Love n hugz

Monday, April 15, 2013

JAZ Ramble

Orange, peach,, coral,  hot pink, neon's, mint, yellow, turquoise and lots of blingy gold. Yes this is spring and summer  for me.
Keep your  make up to the minimum this summer season. Do wear sunscreen and my favourite beauty product is the BB cream. It has sheer coverage but the best thing is it comes with a high SPF which is very convenient especially for woman who are on the go.
Have the money? Go get the BB cream from Smash box. Its the best BB cream out there in my opinion retailing for about
 50$ Canadian.

Looking for a BB cream on a budget ok try the Maybelline BB cream retailing for approximately 13$ Canadian. I am loving it so much. It is a must have for me now as I just slap a little on and there I am SPF protected and have a sheer coverage too.
Have no idea what the hec is a BB cream. No worries read my post on BB creams

Need a little more of a polished face well use MAC minirelized natural skin finishes  and powder your face lightly. This step will definitely keep your face from getting shiny. No we do not want to look oily and shiny. Not a good look :).

Wear bright cute arm candy. Check out these adorable bangles from Stella and Dot.

A couple of my friends represent Stella and Dot which is a high end jewlery company. One of them is Emily and she hooked me up with  the most perfect spring pieces. I will leave her email address and website information  at the end of this jazaram. If you are looking for statement pieces that will make your outfit stand out do contact her.
I hosted a Stella and Dot trunk show recently  with  her , and OMG we had the most perfect girly fun time. Good food, good company and the best of all, girls got to play with her  jewels all from Stella and Dot. Here are  pics from the event.

chocolate cup cakes, deviled eggs, strawberry cheescake santas, nachos, dips, vegetables and punch

Looking for a cute baby pink blush. Check out MAC Pink Swoon. OMG it does make me swoon every time I look at it. The perfect glow for your cheeks in the summer time.

MAC Pink Swoon Blush

Do not ignore the lippies. Summer is a time for a quick natural looking face. My favourite is MAC Niki Minaj coral Lip gloss. The coral pink lipstick shown in the picture is perfect too and if you want you can top it with the coral lip gloss or even the lavender Niki Minaj lip gloss. I found the lavender lipstick was too light for me however with the perfect lip pencil you can make it work. Any thing is possible in the summer months. :)

Paint your nails. My personal favourite colors  are peaches, mint, corals and blues.

Girls do you want thick, black and long lashes. Try the rocket. I am in LOVE with this mascara. This mascara makes me swoon too.

You know what else makes me swoon, yes FRENCH MACRONS. Yes people French Macrons. I am obsessed with these cuties. They are addictive. If you are in Canada, Costco sells a box of 32. OMG my dear ones  brought a box for me and I finished 18 mini ones. Sooooo delish however I hear the ones in Paris are so much better and divine. My cousins are the cutest they plan on hitting cute cafes selling these adorable lil munchkins in the summer time.

If any of you wish to contact a Stella and Dot representative in Ottawa well Emily  is there for you. Her email address and website are as follows:

I hope you have an amazing fun filled day, have a great week ahead until next time.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Quick Eye look for the day

In a hurry, but still want to look put together, awake and your best. This is what I do most mornings now.
Prime your eyes to give your eye lids a sticky base for the eye shadow to stick on. I always  prime my eyes with MAC Painterly paint pot to get rid of any discoloration and to give my lids a clean clear canvas to work on. I know in the past I told you guys I use the Maybelline 24hr concealor, however; guys it is not working out as a great eye primer now. I am guessing its due to the weather change. So now I am sticking to the guy that never lets me down, I can count on him. Yes my most beloved Painterly.
Take a blending  brush such as MAC 217 and dip it in a MAC minerelized skin finish a.k.a MSF , I used  MAC Shimpagne Skinfinish today and apply it all over your eye lid all the way to the brow bone.

MAC Shimpagne

 Do not apply a lot. Just enough to cover the entire lid area once.  Make sure that you sweep the brush in your inner eye corner too. This gives the most beautiful subtle sheen to your eye. Your eyes will glow and you will keep everyone guessing, why she looks so angelic today :).
You can then take a fluffy brush such as MAC 224 and apply a light brown to your crease to produce a natural shadow. I as always use the Milani eyebrow kit as I apply my everyday makeup on the go and this kit is beautiful. It has a dark brown eye shadow for my eye brows, a lighter brown for my crease and a high light for my brows. Guys if you do not own a MAC MSF you can use any champagne colored eye shadow for this look.
Now take a MAC 219 pencil brush and apply a quick line on the outer corner of your eye and sweep the same brush along the bottom lash line. If you wish to apply an eyeliner please do so. I am always in a hurry so most mornings skip the eyeliner.
In the end apply mascara. Your eyes are ready for work, or anything during the day time.
I find this just leaves your eyes looking flawless, very awake and alert. Of course do not forget your under eye concealer.
Again the weather is changing girls and if your skin needs some tender lovin some juicy moisture some softness you need to spray your beautiful face with MAC fix plus.  

I hope you will try this out.

Have a great Thursday and a wonderful weekend.

Love n hugz