Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beauty Raves

I have been MIA and sincerely apologize for not keeping in touch with you all. Work and home have been keeping me extremely busy. Je suis très très désolé que mes amours !
Come on let us discuss beauty :).

MAC recently added Mehr to its permanent lipstick line. I had originally missed out on this beauty when it first was released with the Mickey Contractor collection. If you missed out on this lipstick you can now grab it any time. Mickey Contractor is a very popular makeup artist in India and so girlies he knows all about the browny beauty. MAC Mehr is perfection for woman of color. Even my lighter sweeties can rock this pink.
Its matte and a muted neutral pink. I love it for everyday. It is perfect for summer because it is not glossy and shiny very subtle pink on olive tan skin tones. Check it out. I grabbed this picture from Temptalia.

This lipstick is beautiful. It is nothing like the pinks MAC usually sells. Blue pink but very muted and subtle. Perfect for everyday and on the go. You will not even need to worry about a lip pencil with this one.

Summer time? Hot blazing sun? Beautiful tan skin? Fun? Pop of color? OK then please go paint your  nails I do not care  which nails toes or fingers just go and paint  with this delicious charming sweet polish :

China Glaze Bahamian Escape !

China Glaze Bahamian Escape

Its the palest  blue and it  applies like a dream . It is very opaque. This color just takes me to Paris where I imagine fulling my face with pale blue french macarons. You can find this shade in Salleys Beauty Supply.

Lastly its summer so protect your self. Wear minimum makeup. Do have fun with color pops. You can add a color pop in your wardrobe, cute lippy or nails and always remember to smile.

Love n hugz


  1. Hi Jaz,

    Wow Mehr looks gorjus, I will have to pick one up today :) Thanks!!

    Btw does OPI carry the same shade??

    Luv & hugs,
    Felicity xox

  2. Hey Cuty
    Mehr is soo pretty on our skin tones get it
    Mehr is jaz approved definately
    Sana get the nail polish from Sally's near your home babe
    Do let me know how you like both products

  3. OMG i love the MAC lipstick.. I have a similar shade, but obviously am intrigued by the South Asian Makeup Artist's collection!!!!

    1. yes that is a good way to see what can go perfectly for your skin tone.


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